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I'm Emma. and he's Troy. We love tacos, our dog and each other (not necessarily in that order), and telling your love story with our cameras. 

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When I was a child, my grandmother would quietly take out her Pentax camera and photograph every holiday, every family meal, and every occasion without fail. I noticed this tradition from a young age,  and she began to teach me what she knew of film and of capturing memories that will soon be long forgotten.

Once I learned, I captured hundreds of images of her finally in front of the camera over the years.  Now that she's gone, those images are what I treasure the most. We want you to feel the same about your wedding images - something to be loved and treasured.

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our promise

We believe your love story is epic and deserves to be told epically. We believe that you deserve to be taken care of on your wedding day so your images are the last thing you have to worry about.

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Fun Facts

We started dating when we were in high school.

We've photographed 400+ weddings

We love when clients become friends

Italy is our favorite place

Before becoming photographers, Emma was in marketing & Troy was a chef. 

We have a french bulldog named Noodle and we're obsessed with her.

Our favorite show to watch together is this is us.

emma is an enneagram 3, & Troy is a 9


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